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3 Fence Options to Replace a Chain Link Fence

3 Fence Options to Replace a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are common because they are inexpensive, functional, and easy to find. Just because it’s cheap and easily available doesn’t mean chain link is the best fencing material choice for your backyard.

While chain link fencing has been around for decades, it has some major drawbacks that should have you considering other fence styles.

You’re reading this because you are likely tired of and looking to replace a chain link fence. I bet it’s for one of the following reasons.

  1. Lack of privacy: Chain link doesn’t make for a great privacy fence. It allows your neighborhood an unrestricted view of your yard, which isn’t always ideal for security and privacy reasons. If you have a pet, they are surely distracted by cars and people on the street.
  2. No sound absorption:The open chain link does nothing to stop sound waves traveling into and out of your yard. If you live by a busy road, have a noisy dog, have noisy neighbors,  or you just generally prefer as much peace and quiet as possible, chain link fencing doesn’t help your situation.
  3. Not aesthetically pleasing:Chain link fencing isn’t all that popular with neighborhood associations or HOA’s because they can look outdated. Good fences make good neighborhoods, and if your neighbors are not a fan of your fence, it can make for an unhappy situation.

Are you ready to make your backyard look and feel homey? Here are our top 3 fence alternatives for replacing a chain link fence.

1. For more privacy, try installing a wooden privacy or semi-privacy fence

Want more privacy? Then installing a wooden fence might just be the best option for you. Wood provides a more secluded and soundproof yardscape then chain link while offering more stylistic choices to help decorate your backyard.

Using wood allows you to choose how much of your backyard you want your neighborhood to see. For example, closed picket wooden fences form a solid wall around your property, which is perfect for keeping critters in or out. If you have a dog, a solid panel wooden fence could be a great solution for keeping your pup in the yard and stopping them from barking at passersby. If you don’t like the idea of creating a wall, you can opt for a semi-private open picket or split rail style wooden fence.

Wooden fencing is easy to customize to your specifications too. Want a more open fence, but worried that small pets, children, or even zombies might get in? You can easily add mesh screens between the spaces in a split rail fence for additional security. Want to have a splash of color to your yard? Stain or paint the wood to let your personality shine. Thinking about landscaping your yard? Wooden fences compliment trees and shrubs very nicely.

While regular wood is not as weather resistant as other synthetic materials, using a pressure-treated wood or hardwood can make a wooden fence very durable and long-lasting. For those who want privacy and easy customizability, a wooden fence is probably the best choice for your backyard.

2. For a style and security, install an aluminum fence

For people who still like the idea of using metal for its durability, style, and thin pickets, aluminum fencing can provide a more attractive and customized design for your yard than plain chain link fencing. Want a more Gothic or Victorian style fence to compliment your home? Aluminum can be cast into modern or contemporary geometric designs, making it the perfect fencing material for unique homes.

While aluminum doesn’t make for the best privacy fence or provide sound-proofing, it does allow for spectacular views of your backyard and provides excellent security. Difficult to break or climb, aluminum fencing offers style and safety for your family home. The coated aluminum is also rust-resistant and lightweight, allowing for easy installation.

If you’re looking for a statement fence, an aluminum fence is the perfect choice for a show stopping backyard presentation. Impressive if not a bit intimidating, aluminum fencing is a great option for those looking to make a security fence that says “You can look, but do not enter.”

3. For durability and privacy, install a vinyl fence

Hands down, vinyl is the most durable fencing material and a great replacement for chain link fences. Unlike chain link mesh, vinyl doesn’t oxidize or rust after it’s been exposed to the elements and resists warping and discoloration from sunlight. There is no chance of a vinyl fence facing an insect infestation, and it doesn’t rot or mold like a wooden fence might if not treated.

If privacy is also a concern, vinyl fencing is a great option for secluding your backyard. Vinyl fencing can be installed in similar styles to wooden fencing. From closed picket, open picket, or split rail style fencing, vinyl can provide your and your family with privacy and quiet. For those that enjoy the look of wood, but want a longer lasting alternative, vinyl fencing comes in wood tones too.

Many people don’t realize there are alternatives that can replace their old chain link fence.. With many heights and styles available in wood, aluminum, and vinyl, a fence upgrade might be in your future! Ready to give your yard a makeover and replace your chain link fence? We can help. Contact us today to get the privacy, safety, and value your home was always meant to have.

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