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Fall Fence Maintenance Tips

Fall Fence Maintenance Tips

Inevitably, the summer weather begins to turn cooler as fall ushers in another change of seasons. Among your to-do list for prepping your home and property for the winter cold and snow, should be getting your fence in order.

Take the time to follow the following tips to help your fence be ready for its spring debut.

Cleaning it up

Your fence panels have taken a beating during the hot summer days and rainy thunderstorms. With the humid and moist air, you may find that some mold has cropped up on areas of your fence. Scrub this away or use a pressure washer, but carefully so that you do not blast it too hard. Depending on the type of fencing that you have, research cleaners on the market or dish soap, vinegar or bleach diluted with water can all work. If you have a chain link fence, a rinse with a hose should do the trick. Not only does cleaning your fence get rid of dirt and mold, it can bring it back to looking sparkling and new.

Trim the greenery

Spring is when all of your plants and trees have really blossomed and this may have led to leaves or greenery now touching your fencing. It is best to take the time to trim these away so that they are not causing any damage or marring your fence panels.

Took a close look

We know that you see your fence, but do you really look at your fence? During the seasonal changes, it is a great time to see if there are any real issues that have surfaced on your fence during the summer. Check for leaning or damaged posts, rotting wood pieces, cracked, loose or missing vinyl pieces, rust on wrought iron or chain link fencing or crooked and broken gates. We can work with you on fence repairs and assessments before the winter rolls in this year.

Wood refresh

Most fence materials are water-resistant as part of their make-up. While wood may need a new coat of stain or paint. Fall is a good time to apply whatever protectant you are using.

Debris be gone

As fall moves in, more leaves will be falling, more wind will be blowing and organic material can collect near your fence. It is always good to rake away any items that are too close to your panels.

Our Fencing Specialists Are Here For You

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