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Farms need fences

Farms need fences

Farms need fences, whether it’s a security fence installation or simply to mark property boundaries. If you’re in the market for one, Fence Kings shares a quick guide on choosing a fence for your farm.

What Is the Purpose of the Fence?

Your first consideration in getting a fence is its purpose. For example, if you’re breeding livestock, then the fence should be strong enough to confine the livestock. The type of fencing will also depend on what kind of livestock you have on your property. With cattle, you will need fencing with thick-wire gauge and heavy posts to keep bulls inside. With sheep, keeping predators out is as important as fencing the sheep in. If you’re breeding swine, then you need fencing that’s set low into the ground to prevent rooting.

What Type of Fence Should You Get?

There are various types of fences that your local home fence installation provider can build on your farm:

  1. Rail Fences — Rail fences are what most people think of when talking about farm fences, particularly on horse farms. In addition to traditional wood, rail fences can be built from composite and vinyl.
  2. Barbed Wire Fence — Barbed wire fences are fairly effective for containment and protection. However, it may damage horse coats. Sheep wool may also get snagged on the barbs.
  3. Woven Wire Fence — Woven wire fences are made of intersecting wires that form a checkered design. They’re good multi-purpose fences, and typically range from 26 to 48 inches in height. The higher your livestock jumps, the taller the fence should be.
  4. Mesh Wire Fence — Also known as chain link fences, mesh wire fences are similar to woven wire fences, and are generally used for confinement fencing for corrals and areas with small acreage.
  5. High-Tensile Fences — High-tensile fences are made with high-tension wires set between posts. They’re easy to construct, durable, and have low maintenance requirements.

At Fence Kings, we build all types of farm fencing, privacy fence, dog runs, and custom fencing. Everything from chain link to vinyl, from wood to aluminum, from steel to custom products, we have the expertise and experience to provide you the best customer experience and highest quality fence. Give us a call today to learn more! (615) 788-4461

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