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How to securely fence your livestock

How to securely fence your livestock

Livestock fencing is best suited to securely fence off an area where animals are being kept and it also protects animals from danger.

If you own livestock, as you may already know, animals don’t always stay where you want them to stay. Whether the animals are wandering off or are prone to damaging surrounding areas – fencing them in a defined & secure area can prove to be extremely beneficial.

In this Fence Kings blog, we’re going to explain what livestock fencing is, why is it important, and what livestock fencing options are there available for you.

What is livestock fencing?

Livestock fencing – is fencing that is suited to securely fence off an area where animals are being kept.

Most of the time, the purpose is to protect the livestock from damaging surrounding land and getting injured. While also making it easier to work with the animals and protect them from predators.

Why is it important to fence your livestock?

Not only does fencing your livestock make your workload easier, but it also protects your animals from danger. Everyday chores can also be made easier to handle due to the livestock staying in a confined area e.g., feeding, medical treatments, or milking.

By fencing in your livestock, you’re providing your animals with a safe and healthy area to live and grow. Additionally, without good quality fencing in place – you’re risking injuries.

Without a confined area animals can wander off and risk injury, or even get attacked by predators. Not to mention, the damage some animals can cause if they wander off to the wrong areas.

So, installing secure livestock fencing will not only make your life easier but also make sure your animals live safe and healthy lives.

Livestock fencing options

There is a variety of options for agriculture fencing, here are a few that we would recommend using in fencing your livestock.

Wire Rolls

Our entire range of wire fencing is made from galvanised steel – which guarantees the strength and stability of the product. Not only that but our wire rolls have been designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and require virtually no maintenance after installation in a prolonged outdoor environment.

The complete length of the wire rolls allows for an easy and flexible installation. As it can accommodate almost any fencing system. As well as, providing an easy space-saving storage solution while it’s rolled.

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire fencing is an ideal solution for providing extra security to your land and livestock. Allowing you to easily keep animals in and/or out of fenced-off areas. Considering its ease of installation & low maintenance – barbed wire can be used as a temporary, but also as a permanent security fencing option.

All our barbed wire is constructed from galvanised steel. Which provides a protective layer from rust and weather – it can be used in indoor or outdoor locations.

Note: installing barbed wire in straight sections will prevent unnecessary damage to the wire as well as allow it to maintain its full lifespan.

Plain Wire

Plain wire fencing is an extremely versatile option. It is easy to install using the majority of wooden fencing planks. The product was designed with easy installation in mind as well as durability with minimal maintenance required.

Some of the most common uses of plain wire include:

  • Livestock protection and enclosures
  • Garden and allotment safety
  • Clear perimeter outlines
  • Securing busy agricultural areas
  • Electric fencing

Wire Fencing

Wire fencing is an ideal option when looking for easy-to-install & cost-effective fencing systems. It’s made to quickly establish boundaries within your area or protect & enclose livestock.

Badger Netting

Badger netting fencing is specifically designed to protect enclosed livestock areas from badgers and other similar predators.

Standing at 103cm above ground, this badger netting is a secure way to surround your perimeters. The netting should be buried to 30cm and then turned out to 25cm to leave that ground height.

Rabbit Netting

Rabbit netting is especially useful in restricting rabbits from entering areas or preventing them from digging underneath.

Even though rabbits are nowhere close to being as dangerous as badgers or foxes – they can still cause havoc. Rabbit-proofing your areas is necessary to stop them from causing damage.

While it can also work as a way to keep your own rabbits enclosed and unable to escape their area.

There are two ways in which you can install your rabbit wire fence; the first way is to fold 150mm of the netting at ground level, and the second way is to dig a trench approximately 300mm deep. This will allow you to bury the fencing, preventing the animals from digging underneath and gaining access to your land.

Stock Fencing

Stock fencing is an all-purpose agricultural wire fence that’s suitable for a variety of applications. It’s durable, lightweight, and easy to install.

It’s a perfect solution for general farm maintenance. Ensuring that your perimeters and/or livestock are enclosed. The fencing is available at 24”, 32”, and 47” heights.

Examples of stock fencing applications:

  • Livestock protection
  • Forest Perimeters
  • Farm boundaries
  • Domestic animal boundaries
  • Embankment Netting

Stock fencing can also be used below hedges to prevent any escapes from the animals or on top of a wall to stop livestock from moving over it. While it can also be installed as a standalone fencing system.

Equestrian Fencing – Horse Fence

Equestrian fencing is made to be suited for enclosing horses and ponies.

The distance between the vertical wires is spaced out in a way which prevents animals from getting their hooves stuck. Thus, stopping any unnecessary injuries.

It’s considered a far stronger option than mild steel. As well as, needing fewer posts to install – making it quicker, easier, and more cost-effective to install.

Although equestrian fencing is designed to be mainly used for equines, it can also be used for other purposes, such as:

  • Paddock safety
  • Boundary security
  • Livestock areas
  • Forest and land boundaries

Sheep Hurdles

Our sheep hurdles are available at two heights – 4ft and 6ft. They can be used in outdoor and indoor locations and are specifically made to be easy to move around and store.

Manufactured from high-quality galvanised steel, sheep hurdles are designed with strength and longevity in mind.

They’re also equipped with an interlocking system. It allows different panels to be installed to suit your situation. Additionally, the installation process does not require any tools as different panels interlock with each other.

Estate Railings

Our estate railings are 1.2m high and 2.0m wide and each estate rail contains one panel and posts as well as fixings. They are very popular in rural estates, country parks and have more recently become popular in agricultural areas.

A modern tubular design provides strength and longevity, meaning they are much more robust. Made from galvanised steel, they are weather resistant and extremely low maintenance. However, they are available to be powder coated in our RAL colours or any custom colours you may require.

Additional things to consider

If you’re thinking of the bigger picture and are wondering what else can you do to protect your farm? Here are some of your suggestions:

  • Make sure your buildings have secure locks for doors and windows.
  • Don’t leave your valuables unprotected.
  • Keep an updated directory of all your belongings. That includes livestock, equipment, machinery, tools, vehicles, etc.
  • Invest in security fencing for areas that are holding your most valuable belongings.

Final thoughts

There are so many different situations that can occur when raising livestock – the best you can do is prepare in advance to avoid any damaging incidents.

Whether you’re raising sheep, cows, or horses having security measures in place can only benefit you. It will not only make your day-to-day workload easier but also make sure the animals don’t cause accidental damage or get attacked by predators.

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