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Ideal Chain Link Fence Applications

Ideal Chain Link Fence Applications

Chain link fences — you see them all the time, but unless you have ever considered installing one on your property, you might not have given much thought as to the wide variety of applications for which they can be used. Fence Kings is your go-to source for commercial and residential fencing in the Nashville and Clarksville areas, and we would love to help you choose the right chain link fence for your needs. Check out the incredible benefits of chain link below, as well as four of the most common applications for this type of affordable fencing and request your free estimate today.

Why Choose a Chain Link Fence?

  • Expense: Chain link fences provide comparable security to other types of fences at a fraction of the cost.
  • Low maintenance: This type of fence doesn’t need to be painted or stained like other fencing materials need to be.
  • Long-lasting: Chain link fences last a long time — often between 15 and 20 years — before they need to be replaced.
  • Security: This type of fence works well for keeping children and pets in your yard, or for keeping unauthorized people off your property.
  • Variety: Chain link fences come in a variety of thicknesses and styles, and you can choose between coated or non-coated steel.

Ideal Uses for Chain Link

Residential and Commercial Security

Not surprisingly, one of the most common applications for chain link fencing can be found on residential and commercial properties alike. This type of fence is very useful for defining boundaries on a property and it works well to enhance security on a property. Homeowners can see through a chain link fence, something they cannot do with traditional vinyl or wood privacy fences. This allows for an unobstructed view of their property. Likewise, commercial property owners always know who is on their property with this type of fence.

Animal Containment

If you are a pet owner, you know how important it is to keep your four-legged friend contained within your yard. Chain link fences are great for keeping dogs in a yard, and there are a wide variety of ways the fencing accomplishes the task. Whether you choose to have a chain link fence run the perimeter of your property, or you choose to have a dog run installed in just a portion of your yard, nothing works as well as this type of fence. You will be able to see your pet and they will be able to see you at all times.

Sports Fields

Another ideal application for chain link fencing is around sports complexes. These types of facilities often require a large amount of fencing, and other types of materials are not as cost effective as chain link. This fencing solution separates paying and non-paying customers, which is essential to profitability when tickets are sold to events. Additionally, chain link fences provide protection for patrons in baseball parks, as they can act as a barrier that is designed to prevent foul balls from injuring fans.

High-Security Buildings

When we think of factories, jails, and high-security facilities, we often imagine tall chain link fences surrounding the perimeter of the property. Why a chain link fence instead of vinyl, wood, or metal? The answer is two-fold. First, as we mentioned previously, chain link is an affordable fencing solution when large quantities are necessary on a property. Second, a tall chain link fence that has barbed wire at the top is difficult to climb over, and it is tedious to cut through, making it an excellent security solution to prevent unauthorized access.

Chain Link Fence Quotes in Nashville

Have you decided that a premium chain link fence suits your needs and your budget better than any other type of fence? If so, let the experienced fence installers at Fence Kings provide you with a fencing solution that establishes boundaries on your property and provides enhanced security, all without obstructing your views. We have more than 25 years of experience, so you can trust us to provide you with the most affordable, high-quality fencing. Check out what dozens of satisfied customers are saying about our services, then give us a call at 615-788-4461 today to experience the difference that a Top Rated Local® fencing company makes.

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