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Is A Picket Fence Right For Your Home?

Is A Picket Fence Right For Your Home?

One of the most popular fencing options available for American homeowners today is picket fencing. Picket fences are a type of fence commonly used decoratively for domestic boundaries. They feature evenly-spaced vertical boards or the pickets that are attached to horizontal rails and make beautiful additions to any property.

Four Reasons To Consider A Picket Fence For Your Home

Below are the exceptional benefits of getting a picket fence for your property:


Modern picket fencing materials such as vinyl provides robust fences. Vinyl picket fences withstand elements better than wood. These materials are also designed to withstand the adverse effects of UV sunlight. Additionally, vinyl-made picket fences have little maintenance needs because vinyl is a moisture-resistant material.

Straightforward Installation

An outstanding benefit of white picket fencing is its easy installation process. During the installation, you can combine standard size pickets and ready-made fittings to achieve a stylish fence. Besides, its simple construction process allows for effortless accessorizing and personalization.


With technological innovations, modern fencing materials like vinyl are becoming increasingly easier on the wallet. A three-foot-high picket fence is a lot cheaper to install than some other available options out there. Moreover, picket fences are not affected by weather elements, and their low-cost, easy maintenance attributes save you on expenses in the long run.

Property Value Addition

A fence is one of the first things that visitors and guests that are approaching your property see. A stylish, well-maintained picket fence improves your home’s curb appeal and adds value to the entire property. Additionally, the modern alternatives in styling mean a higher picket fence can also double up as a privacy fence to keep cyclists and pedestrians from taking shortcuts across your lawn.

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